VIDEO: SINN Power wave energy converter

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SINN Power, a German-based wave energy developer, has constructed and tested its wave energy converter based on modular design.

The SINN Power’s wave energy converter works as the up and down motions of the wave lift the floating bodies of the individual modules.

The floating bodies in turn lift a rod that runs through a generator unit, generating electricity.

The floating body has a diameter of 2 meters, and the entire module is 6 meters high, according to SINN Power.

Depending on the wave power in the location and the electricity needs of the customer, the number and the size of the wave energy converter modules are individually adjusted, SINN Power states.

The device can be used on coast all over the world, according to SINN Power, with the first target market for the SINN Power wave energy converter application being located near the equator.

The patented concept of the device is currently in the implementation phase. In December 2015, SINN Power installed a single module of the wave energy converter in original size on the breakwater wall at the Port of Heraklion in Crete, Greece.

The aims of the deployment were to test the functionality and corrosion resistance of the components.

The company has announced that, following the implementation of additional technical improvements, the module will be operated for one year on the port wall starting from spring 2016.

The SINN Power’s team expects the breakwater installation to provide further insights for the development of the floating SINN Power wave energy converter, whose installation is planned for late 2016.

Take a look at the video showing the single module demonstration in Greece.

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