VIDEO: Tidal power with Alstom

Alstom, a French-based technology developer, has released a video showcasing its Oceade tidal platform.

Oceade tidal platform allows customers to select various turbines to fit their sites’ specific requirements.

Alstom has developed Oceade 18 – 1.4 MW tidal turbine, with an improved design based on the Alstom’s experience with 1 MW tidal stream turbine.

It is 18 m in diameter, and 1.4 MW in capacity.

Four Oceade 18 – 1.4 MW tidal turbines will be installed at Raz Blanchard pilot tidal farm.

With 5.6 MW in total capacity, the tidal turbines will be able to supply power to 15.000 people.

The project is slated to begin in 2017 and is expected to operate for a period of 20 years.