Wan Hai christens 1st eco-friendly 3,000 TEU boxship built by CSBC

Taiwanese shipping company Wan Hai Lines has held a ship naming ceremony for the first in the series of 3,000 TEU containerships built by compatriot CSBC Corporation.

Wan Hai Lines

As informed, the ceremony took place on 29 March. The new containership is designed with a length overall of 209.8 meters, a breadth of 32.8 meters, a draft of 11.2 meters and a maximum cruising speed of 20.2 knots.

The vessel adopted new design with full balanced rudder with twisted leading edge and asymmetry rudder bulb, as well as sea sword bow (SSB) which helps reduce water resistance on ship. According to the company, this will also help the ship achieve the highest level of requirement for Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) phase III in advance.

By installing part load tuning and exhaust gas bypass (EGB) system, Wan Hai Lines aims to save energy and reduce carbon emissions

As for the safety aspect, the 3,000 TEU series have obtained “SMART(INF)” certification which uses various monitoring system and communication equipment to collect data on the voyage and equipment operation.

The ship design also meets the requirements of American Bureau of Shipping’S (ABS) Class for CSC and CLP-V notation.

It is also equipped with a lashing bridge on deck to resist rough weather and strengthen the ship’s stability to provide the safest container transportation service.

WAN HAI 331 will be delivered in April, 2023 and deployed in Asia trade service. 

To remind, the company welcomed the first 13,100 TEU containership from South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) last month.

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