Photo: Inert Gas Systems; Courtesy of Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä and SAACKE team up on marine solution offerings

The Finnish technology group Wärtsilä and Germany-based SAACKE Marine Systems signed a strategic partnership agreement to offer solutions for seagoing vessels, offshore plants, and LNG tankers.

Wärtsilä and SAACKE partner for marine solution offerings
Inert Gas Systems; Courtesy of Wärtsilä

The agreement’s goal is to strengthen the ability of the companies to offer a comprehensive range of technology solutions to shipyards and ship owners and also offer larger scopes of supply. This will benefit customers in the form of technology capability, cost savings, improved services, and easier procurement procedures.

Central to the agreement is cooperation regarding safety, in particular with Inert Gas Systems (IGS) and Gas Combustion Units (GCU).

Gas Combustion Units Courtesy of SAACKE
Gas Combustion Units Courtesy of SAACKE

The agreement covers Wärtsilä’s inert gas systems and combined inert gas & gas combustion units, as well as SAACKE’s boilers, exhaust gas economizers, and air-cooled gas combustion units. Wärtsilä will make its flue gas system available to SAACKE, making it possible for a single delivery of a boiler and flue gas system.

The targeted markets are LNG carriers and LPG. The goal of this strategic partnership is to provide the marketplace with a stronger and more competitive vendor.

The agreement encourages an increased focus on gas systems for Wärtsilä, while for SAACKE it adds the ability to deliver boilers and inert gas systems as a single integrated solution for tankers.