WATCH: Kleven Sends IES Energy Down The Slipway

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The video above shows IES Energy being launched on Saturday, September 26 at Kleven Verft.

This marks a second vessel launch at Kleven Verft in just a little more than a month, following the splash of the 150-meter subsea construction vessel Edda Freya.

The Kleven’s BN 379 is of the MT 6015 MPSV design, designed by Norwegian design company Marin Teknikk, and built for Malaysian based joint venture company IES Pioneer.

The contract for the new vessel was announced in July last year with no financial details. According to vessel’s first specification, it has a length of 93,8 meters, a beam of 20,0 meters, a working deck of more than 1,000 sq. meters, and will feature a 150 MT active heave compensated offshore crane, accommodation for 60 persons, CAP 437 compliant helideck, fire-fighting capabilities as well as provisions for ROV operations.

However, in March this year, Marin Teknikk was hired to reconstruct the MT 6015 which will include lengthening the vessel with 9 meters, plus adding a moon-pool and life boats.

The vessel is supposed to be ready for duty by late December 2015 and it’s expected to work on deep and newly discovered ultra deep-water hydrocarbon fields off Asia and the Middle East.

Subsea World News Staff
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