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The second generation of wave energy modules, installed in Greece by German developer SINN Power, have produced clean electricity usable within the off-grid system.

More than two years developing time for mechanical and electrical components for the SINN Power’s new generation of wave energy modules resulted in their ‘smooth’ operation and production of electricity after starting operation at the end of June on the Green island of Crete.

“Seeing the modules move up and down feeding our controlled and stabilizing off-grid power electronics was a great reward for the hard work our entire team invested into this project. We even used the electricity to power our party at the port,” said Philipp Sinn, CEO of SINN Power.

SINN Power wave energy modules (Photo: SINN Power)

Installed on the breakwater wall in the Port of Heraklion, SINN Power’s wave energy modules produce power as the up and down motion of the waves lift the floating bodies of the individual modules, which in turn lift a rod that runs through a generator unit, resulting in electricity generation – now usable within the own off-grid system, according to the company.

SINN Power plans to install three more modules on the breakwater wall, to gather data on the functionality and electrical output of the modules under different wave conditions.

The plan for a floating wave energy array, expected to be built between 2019 and 2020, is already in the pipeline, according to the developer.

“These floating arrays will pave the way for SINN Power’s and wave energy’s implementation within the renewable energy sector. The long-term goal is to take advantage of the unused potential, for example the space in-between large offshore wind farms, with electricity being fed into the grid,” the company said.

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