Wave Power Seminar to offer updates on HiWave project

The Seminar will be held at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm on March 18, and will, amongst others, feature speakers from KIC InnoEnergy, CorPower, WavEC, and Vattenfall.

During the seminar, two recent developments of the HiWave project will be disclosed: a new phase control technology called Wave Spring and a new test bench where the latest power take-off system is demonstrated at scale 1:3 at the Machine Design Department of KTH.

The test rig at at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm uses a custom designed electromechanical drive system supplying the power take-off (PTO) with simulated wave loading.

The PTO is used to verify and debug all functions and operational modes on-land before the next scale 1:2 HiWave system offshore deployment scheduled for 2016.

The system will be introduced followed by demonstration of the bench in operation, supplying the PTO with mechanical loads that are converted into electricity on the Swedish grid.

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Image: CorPower Ocean