Wave Swell Energy advancing King Island project

Wave Swell Energy (WSE) pilot-scale wave energy converter project off the coast of King Island, Tasmania is moving forward with pontoons now in place for final assembly and the superstructure well on its way to completion.


Australian company said earlier it is still on schedule to install the WEC by the middle of 2020.

The $12.3-million project involves the design, construction, installation and operation of the UniWave 200, a 200 kW wave energy device.

The project will also be integrated with the King Island microgrid operated by Hydro Tasmania, which received $6 million in ARENA funding in 2011 to demonstrate the integration of several renewable resources and energy management technologies.

ARENA also provided $4 million in funding to Wave Swell Energy last year for the King Island project.

In addition, WSE conducted a capital raising round of A$500,000, with the submission of share applications officially closing on 28 February, 2020.