Wellbarrier to create well integrity solution for VNG Norge

Wellbarrier, a well barrier illustration software provider, has secured an agreement with VNG Norge to create a holistic well integrity solution to safeguard oil and gas wells worldwide.

Wellbarier said that the joint project, Agreement for Joint Industry Research, Development and Demonstration Project (JIP), would apply a unique digital solution to enhance well integrity in the exploration and production and midstream industries.

The objective of this initiative is to assess and prove the conceptual approach of making available a digital well data and well integrity portal to benefit well stakeholders.

According to the company, the project will start immediately with expected completion by the end of 2019.

The work scope will include the application of the Well Integrity Tools Solution (WITS). It will also incorporate the well barrier definitions in NORSOK Standard D-010 and embrace the two-barrier philosophy as a core component.

Tore Fjågesund, Wellbarrier’s managing director and co-author of the NORSOK D-010 standard, said: “We are very pleased to enter into this significant agreement with VNG Norge as part of our mission to reduce risk and keep wells safe.”

Lars Katteland, director of development and operations for VNG Norge, added: “This initiative is a valuable investment to reduce the risk of uncontrolled release of formation fluids throughout the well’s life.”

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