WES makes two final PTO awards

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has made two final contract awards from its first competitive call for power take-off systems.

The first contract in the amount of £474,493 has been awarded to Trident Energy who joins the stage 2 programme

Another award of £90,000 will be made to Exceedence who will participate in stage 1 of the programme, according to WES.

Trident Energy is leading the WaveDrive project whose aim is to design and develop low cost, highly reliable and highly controllable linear generator power take-off technology for wave energy converters, combining detailed engineering design work with an advanced ‘wave to wire’ model which allows simulation of PTO performance across the full range of wave conditions and for a wide range of WEC devices.

Exceedence is leading a Gator project that aims to develop and test a novel innovative hydraulic PTO concept consisting of a flexible compliant polymer spring tube.

WES was set up as a subsidiary of Highlands and Islands Enterprise and is fully funded by the Scottish government. The organisation is seen as a fresh approach to tackling the issues which have proved challenging in the wave energy sector.

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