WGP Announces Successful Completion of Life of Field Seismic Survey (Norway)

WGP announced the successful completion of the thirteenth Life of Field Seismic (LoFS) survey over the Valhall field in the Norwegian part of the North Sea.

BP Norge AS as operator and partner Hess Norge AS, have contracted WGP to provide the precisely positioned source sub-arrays necessary to maintain the high level of repeatability required for an effective Permanent Reservoir Monitoring (PRM) project. With the trenching of 120km of Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC), Valhall LoFS begin in 2003 with an average of 2 surveys performed per year.

WGP installed Thalassa Energy Services’ containerised seismic source system onto the PSV Stril Myster during a 6 day mobilisation period in Stavanger. Thalassa’s source system is the same design as used on all of the LoFS surveys since the project’s inception and thus affords the required level of source repeatability.

James Pryor, WGP’s Business Development Manager, commented, “As proven in past Valhall LoFS surveys and other PRM projects for which WGP have used a Portable Modular Source System (PMSS™), this technology affords rapid conversion of an available PSV, familiar with the particular oilfield’s operations, into a working seismic source vessel. Combining WGP’s comprehensive operational experience with Thalassa’s industry leading source systems makes both good sense and presents great value for our clients.

The Valhall LoFS 14 survey is planned for Q3 2011.

Source: wgpgroup ,May 27, 2011;