Willoughby Spit Beach Nourishment Almost Complete

The Willoughby Spit and Vicinity coastal storm damage reduction project is now in its final week of pumping sand onto the beach, reports the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District.

According to the Corps, the week 12 appears to be the final week for sand to be pumped up onto the beach.

We are currently at 94% with 1,133,839 cubic yards of sand placed. Dredging operation may come to a close this week, crews will still be working beach side to remove equipment and make any minor adjustments to the sand placement prior to fully completing the project,” said USACE.

The project is the largest single storm damage reduction project in the City of Norfolk and includes placing 1.2 million cubic yards of sand along the shoreline, widening the beach to 60 feet and creating a slope to 5 feet above mean low water.

The area is expected to receive 445,100 cubic yards of fill every nine years, dredged from the Thimble Shoal Auxiliary Channel, over the 50 year lifespan of the project.