Wison, LR, GTT in 300MW FSRP development pact

China’s Wison Offshore & Marine has received an approval in principle from Lloyds Register (LR) for its 300MW floating storage regasification and power (FSRP) generation barge, and has signed a deal for a joint development project.

Wison said on Wednesday that the company’s 300MW Class FSRP was developed to produce power starting as low as 7 cents per kWh.

With a total storage capacity of 170,000 m3 in GTT membrane cargo tanks, it can receive full cargoes, keeping the cost of LNG supply low. It features a CCGT power plant, available with an output of 150 – 450MW.

The facility is designed for near-shore deployment with a minimal water depth of 12 meters. LNG will be loaded through a ship-to-ship transfer and regasified, feeding the gas turbines. Waste heat from the turbines is recovered to generate steam, which in turn feeds the steam turbine generator. Electric power is stepped up to high voltage before transmission to shore.

The fully integrated LNG-to-power facility is a quick and economical solution for the supply of electricity to areas with limited infrastructure and remote locations. A range of mooring solutions is available to suit site-specific conditions.

The company added that an agreement for a joint development project (JDP) between Lloyds Register, Wison, and GTT was also signed on Wednesday.

This includes the undertaking of further work for example, more detailed design reviews, support for the preparation of Wison to build GTT membrane type LNG tanks as well as possible additional items like risk assessments.

Maarten Spilker, Wison general manager for solutions, said: “Our integrated LNG-to-power solution is a response to market demand for affordable power sources with a short development schedule. Using proven technology as building blocks, we put together a robust design.

“Together with Lloyds Register, GTT, and other key technology suppliers we will continue to mature and refine our product. High-efficiency LNG fuelled floating power plants offer a unique set of advantages over other power solutions.”

David Barrow, LR commercial director of marine and offshore, added: “LR has unique expertise in the LNG field which is recognized by the market and which we are proud to be able to bring to this project, supporting and working in collaboration with Wison and GTT.

“We look forward to providing further strong technical support to the project, drawing on LR’s strong track record in LNG shipping and our experience in floating LNG.”

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