Wood Group wins Peregrino award from Statoil

Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil has awarded a contract to Wood Group to provide four-year operations and maintenance for its two wellhead platforms (Alpha and Bravo) and modification services for both units and the FPSO Peregrino, in the Campos basin, offshore Brazil.

The contract’s scope includes offshore services and covers all production processes and equipment except drilling services and introduces a new operating model for the field, as for the first time the company is bundling all these services in one single contract in order to boost integration and simplify the contract management.

“We have decided to group these contracts in line with our corporate strategy of simplification, cost optimization and production efficiency. We have been working closely with Wood Group in Peregrino field and we look forward to strengthening our partnership for the next four years,” says Pål Eitrheim, senior vice president for Development Production International South America and Brazil Country Manager.

According to Statoil, Wood Group has been operating the two wellhead platforms since 2009 and has supported the Peregrino project throughout its development.

“The bundling of the contracts will bring significant cost savings to Statoil Brazil, in addition to simplification to our operations. It’s essential to take the best of what the market can offer to us and further strengthen the relationship with our key suppliers,” says Jon Arnt Jacobsen, chief procurement officer of Statoil.

The Peregrino field is Statoil’s first and largest operatorship outside the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It started production on April 2011 and produces today around 90 000 bpd.

The field is located 85 kilometers offshore Brazil in the Campos basin at about 100 metres water depth in licenses BMC-7 and BMC-47. Statoil holds 60% ownership and the operatorship of the field and Sinochem the remaining 40%.