Photo: James Hunt, Interconnectors & Cables Lead at Xodus

Xodus Hails Subsea Cables Unit

Energy consultancy Xodus said it has recorded a major increase in the provision of services related to subsea power cables over the last twelve months.

According to Aberdeen-based company, the number of new assignments grew by more than 50 per cent, resulting in more than 70 active work streams in 2019.

This has allowed Xodus to increase its number of specialists in this area, now totaling more 30 permanent staff with subsea cables experience.

Xodus’ IMR team has seen an increase in supporting subsea transmission owners in updating risk assessments for subsea power cables from early stage project bidding through operations. This is in response to ever-evolving hazards, such as fishing, shipping and seabed mobility, through to business decisions related to repair strategies,procedures and cost modelling.

James Hunt, Interconnectors & Cables Lead at Xodus said: “This year brings seabed leasing application deadlines for ScotWind and Round 4 in the UK, as well as the development of offshore wind projects in Europe, Asia and North America. Coupling this with increasing demand for offshore power transmission networks, we are forecasting further growth in this sector.

“Against this backdrop of growth, there is an increasing need to quantify and manage risk and reduce costs. We can assist clients in meeting targets by leveraging our knowledge of best-practice from across the industry and throughout the lifecycle.”

Xodus recently signed a three-year service agreement to provide investigate, maintain and repair (IMR) engineering services for submarine cable assets in North America and in final discussions for a similar framework in Europe.

“These are significant projects for us. With the increase in transmission cables across the globe, the expanding demand in the requirement for these services delivering for owners, operators and investors will parallel this growth.

“We continue to support our broad client base with best-practice and innovative advice and are innovating tools, such as our XAMIN system, to deliver quickly, precisely and incisively. It is an exciting time for the team,” Hunt added.