ZIM: Like Airbnb and Uber, everyone can be a self-shipper in shipping

Israeli shipping company ZIM Integrated Shipping Services has established a new subsidiary, Ship4wd, a digital freight platform offering online solution services similar to Airbnb and Uber.


The new service will cover all aspects of the complex international shipping process, enabling customers without previous experience in cross-border shipping to manage their import and export business.

The Ship4wd platform will also allow users to choose either the most economic or the fastest shipping option, with both sea and air shipping services up to the final destination, including land & rail transport, and associated logistic services.

“Similar to the way other groundbreaking platforms such as Airbnb in tourism and Uber in transportation have transformed their industries, we are aiming to enable everyone to be a self-shipper, by simplifying and streamlining the transfer of goods worldwide down to its essence – a ‘few clicks’ shipping solution,” Assaf Tiran, ZIM VP Global Customer Service also heading Digital Innovation, added.

The division will target US and Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) importing from China, Vietnam and Israel. The service will become operational on 18 October.

“The global need for digital services via personal mobile phones and tablets is increasing, especially among small and medium businesses, and Ship4wd is the … solution,” Eli Glickman, ZIM President & CEO, said.

“We believe it’s time for international shipping to become simple, easy and trustworthy for SMBs. Our promise of unremitting reliability and support from industry professionals will offer a much-needed solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs relying on relatively small shipments for their ongoing business,” Carmit Hoshen-Glik, Ship4wd CEO.