ZTT delivers subsea cable for local 500 MW offshore wind project

ZTT Submarine Cable & System has completed the factory acceptance test and loaded out the subsea cable for the Shanwei Jiazi​-One offshore wind project in China.

Source: ZTT

The Chinese company was in charge of delivering 66 kilometers of 220 kV subsea cable for CGN Engineering, with installation scheduled to be completed by August.

Shanwei Jiazi​-One is located on the south side of Hudong Town, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province in water depths of between 30 and 35 meters. The closest distance to the land is about 25 kilometers.

The 500 MW project will comprise 78 6.45 MW turbines​ and will see the construction of a 220 kV offshore booster station, including the onshore booster station (centralized control center) shared by CGN’s Houhu, Jiazi​-​One, and Jiazi-​Two projects.

The power generated by the project will be boosted to 500 kV at the onshore booster station and then connected to the 500 kV Maohu station. 

According to ZTT, Shanwei Jiazi​-One is the first offshore wind project approved to use the voltage level of 500 kV in China.

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