3D at Depth buys hybrid Saab AUV/ROV

U.S.-based subsea survey services company 3D at Depth has acquired the Saab Sabertooth Hybrid AUV / ROV.

3D at Depth
Source: 3D at Depth

3D at Depth stated that the multi-million-dollar investment will complement its SL Subsea LiDAR laser technology systems and third party geophysical equipment.

The Hybrid AUV / ROV is equipped as a containerized spread to transform any vessel of opportunity into a survey and inspection platform in less than 18 hours, the company said.

This is said to allow deepwater assets and offshore wind operators to reduce their costs, risks, and carbon footprint by lowering offshore man-hours, chartering a DP1 or above vessel, and reducing shipping costs by using the containerized spread.

The 3,000 meters rated dual hull vehicle has a stern with a higher tolerance for currents with its low profile making it useful for offshore wind work where currents are a factor in shallow water operations, and in other scopes including pre- and post-pipeline routes, environmental site surveys, offshore hydrocarbon projects, and civil engineering surveys, the U.S. company added.

“The Hybrid AUV / ROV coupled with 3D at Depth’s patented SL Subsea LiDAR laser with remote sensing technology adds an extra layer of measurement and repeatability,” said Neil Manning, Chief Operating Officer at 3D at Depth.

“Fast and focused leak hunting is now possible while generating a detailed integrity review in a parallel vessel that also undertakes other operations (SIMOPS). Data harvesting from a vehicle with the agility of a Sabertooth during SIMOPS has been an ambition we have had as a business for some time.”

3D at Depth recently launched its offshore geophysical survey services division, which will provide surveys to support both nearshore, inshore, and offshore deepwater development activities focused in the areas of offshore wind, pipeline routes, environmental site surveys, offshore hydrocarbon projects, and civil engineering surveys.