ACE Winches Welcomes SPRING Singapore Delegation

ACE Winches hosted a delegation from SPRING Singapore to their Towie Barclay Works facility. 

The visit was to share with them an overview of its products and services, including manufacturing, and engineering expertise.

Several delegates from the Marine and Offshore Department in SPRING Singapore were welcomed to ACE Winches global headquarters by key personnel during their visit to the North East of Scotland.

SPRING Singapore is a statutory board under the Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, responsible for helping Singapore enterprises grow. The Marine and Offshore Department in SPRING is responsible for facilitating the growth of local enterprises serving the needs of the Marine and Offshore industry and the upstream Oil and Gas industry.

Through the interactions with their industry partners, they have recognised the importance of subsea technology and marginal field development in the upstream Oil and Gas industry, and have embarked on various delegations to gain a deeper understanding of the technological areas within the UKCS, ACE Winches wrote.

Discussions during the meeting were focused on an engineering perspective with regards to the product and, services that support the subsea sector. Part of the tour included the Manufacturing and Hire Facilities, where they were shown equipment currently being engineered, assembled and commissioned for a range of international offshore projects.

Hayley Yule, Marketing and Communications Director at ACE Winches commented: “ACE Winches is already supplying equipment and personnel into Asia-Pacific, working with key organisations like SPRING Singapore will help ACE Winches to strengthen its connections with locally based companies who are sourcing back-deck equipment and solutions.”