Antigua and Barbuda Preps for Maritime Single Window

Antigua and Barbuda is getting ready to implement a maritime single window for ship notifications related to stay and departure of vessels, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) informed.

The maritime single window is part of a project facilitated by IMO technical cooperation program. Norway is financing the project as well as providing technical expertise, according to the IMO.

As explained, the first phase of the project was initiated with a kick-off week in St. John’s from October 9 to 13. Last week provided an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the scope of the project, identify existing facilities and conduct a needs assessment.

The aim is to install a fully functional system based on SafeSeaNet Norway (SSNN), an internet-based maritime single window reporting system focused on FAL Forms.

This single window – like other single window concepts – will connect all terminals for stakeholders such as customs, defense, police, maritime authorities, and ports in the country. Vessels will be able to register mandatory arrival and departure information via the single window and this information will be forwarded to individual authorities and ports in accordance with international and national regulations.

Amendments to IMO’s Facilitation Convention adopted in 2016 require parties to establish systems for the electronic exchange of information by April 8, 2019. The intention is that the Antigua and Barbuda Single Window provides a system for maritime transport clearance, including the clearance of ships electronically, by the deadline.