Photo: MANTA wave energy converter (Image: Aqua Power Technologies)

Aqua Power Technologies presents MANTA wave device

UK-based wave energy start-up Aqua Power Technologies has introduced its new wave energy converter dubbed MANTA for remote offshore local grid installations.

The MANTA small-scale wave energy converter has been presented at the All-Energy 2018 event currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland.

The machine has been specifically designed for remote grid installations, which includes offshore fish farms and remote coastal communities, according to Aqua Power Technologies.

With the height of 2,950 mm and width of 1900 mm, the 4.6kW MANTA device weighs a little over 600 kg.

It is suitable for charging battery banks, which operators can use to power a variety of applications, including computers, lights, communication systems, sensors, and desalination units.

Automatic load shedding is built into the operating principle of the MANTA device, Aqua Power Technologies said.

The ability to dissipate load, while continuing to generate power, ensures that the system can continue to reliably power connected applications, in extreme wave scenarios, according to Aqua Power Technologies.