Ashtead Technology, 4Subsea in subsea technology pact

Ashtead Technology and 4Subsea have sealed a partnership for global distribution of sensor technology to the oil and gas industry.

Illustration; Source: 4Subsea

4Subsea said on Wednesday that it would make its autonomous, retrofittable sensors available to the global oil and gas industry via Ashtead Technology.

Additionally, 4Subsea will explore utilizing Ashtead’s acoustic sensors for further developing its services offering to the market.

The company added that Ashtead would further enhance its inspection, maintenance, and repair services by adding 4Subsea’s sensors to its portfolio and gaining access to 4Subsea’s domain experts within subsea production, well intervention, and drilling.

According to 4Subsea, the pact will strengthen the company’s position in the global sensor market with hardware and digital services delivery through Ashtead’s extensive sales and distribution network including facilities in Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Halifax, Houston, and Singapore.

Peter Jenkins, CEO of 4Subsea, said: “Ultimately we believe this partnership will support operators in reducing both risk and costs associated with operating subsea fields.”

Allan Pirie, CEO of Ashtead Technology, added: “Adding 4Subsea’s autonomous sensor technology and services to our existing capabilities means we can now offer a comprehensive monitoring and integrity management service to support the performance and life extension of critical infrastructure.”

It is also worth noting that 4Subsea delivers digital twins both for subsea production and well intervention and drilling. Under the partnership with Ashtead Technology, such digital twins will be made available to a wider market.