Atlantic spirit, vessel from Atlantic Oceanic (UK).

Atlantic Oceanic buys MPSV as part of its ongoing fleet growth program

Offshore ship-owning group Atlantic Oceanic (UK) has acquired an advanced DP2 multi-purpose supply vessel (MPSV) as part of its ongoing fleet growth program.

Atlantic spirit, vessel from Atlantic Oceanic (UK). Source: Atlantic Oceanic

The vessel, named Atlantic Spirit and previously known as Tek-Ocean Spirit, is an 87-meter-long specialist MPSV equipped with a DP2 dynamic positioning system and a 65-ton active heave compensation (AHC) high lift crane.

According to Atlantic Oceanic, the vessel can perform walk-to-work operations, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and survey operations, cargo/supply missions, and other multi-role operations, and is suited for the offshore wind and oil & gas markets.

“Built to the highest Norwegian standards, this vessel represents a strategic, albeit speculative, addition to Atlantic Oceanic’s fleet,” said Atlantic Oceanic.

“The Atlantic Spirit is a testament to our commitment to expanding our fleet with high-quality vessels. This addition not only enhances our capabilities but also strengthens our position in the global offshore industry,” said CEO Paul Crowther.

The Atlantic Spirit is now ready for fixtures in the Pacific region of Australasia or for global charter inquiries, the company said.