Baroness Randerson: Wales to reclaim world leadership in energy supply

The Energy Policy in Wales summit, which is being held at the Angel Hotel in Cardiff, will discuss the future of energy in Wales, including the proposed Wylfa site, wind, solar and marine power generation, UK Government announced today.

Baroness Jenny Randerson, representing UK Government, in acknowledging the huge economic and social importance of the sector and the need to secure its future, said:

“Energy drives our economy and our way of life – if we cannot keep the lights on, keep the computers running, and keep our homes and offices warm, little else matters.

“Without a reliable energy supply for the future, our efforts to meet legally binding targets to address climate change, or keep costs under control, will become much less important.”

During a keynote speech on energy policy in Wales, Baroness Randerson highlighted the importance of change and the opportunities this presents for Wales as well as the need for more collaboration between the Government and the Private Sector to ensure a positive future for the sector in Wales, saying:

“From small scale, community based renewables to Wylfa Newydd and tidal lagoons, I want Wales, once again, to be a world leader in energy supply and in the manufacture of the technology it requires.

“It is now down to the private sector – companies such as you here today – to continue to grasp the challenge, to innovate and show that Wales can lead the world.”

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Image: flickr/Wales Office