Bhagwan Marine Offers DSV Virtual Tour


Marine Vessel Operator, Bhagwan Marine, together with VR producer Augmental, have created a virtual reality showcase of their flagship Air Dive Support Vessel (DSV), the ‘Bhagwan Dryden’ for patrons at the Australasian Oil & Gas Expo, held March 11-13, 2015.

Visitors to the major Oil & Gas expo were taken through a real world virtual tour of the Bhagwan Dryden, from being lowered to the deck via a crane, exploring the aft and forward sections, visiting the bridge, diving room and decompression chamber, survey and engine rooms and touring the various vessel facilities such as cabins, galley, mess hall, hospital and client rooms.

Bhagwan Marine Offers DSV Virtual Tour

Utilising the latest Samsung VR Equipment, Bhagwan Marine immersed visitors in the vessel’s surroundings, receiving a great deal of amazement from patrons and industry groups as to how real the experience felt, conveying aspects of the vessel in a new, unique and very personal way that no existing photograph, brochure, 3D walkthrough or corporate video could.

“Giving customers a method of visiting our flagship Air Dive Support Vessel, the Bhagwan Dryden, which is generally inaccessible for the majority of the year, has proven to be a very cost effective, convenient and realistic form of presentation from the armchair anywhere in the world” said Matt Syms, Marketing Manager Bhagwan Marine. “Furthermore the imagery can be made accessible to desktop, tablet and phone apps providing an all-round strong marketing tool from one production shoot in 360 surround,” stated Syms.


Bhagwan Marine was chosen from the hundreds of exhibitors as winners of the Best Stand Award at AOG 2015 and intends to make the Bhagwan Dryden VR footage available to the public for viewing in the higher definition format available via the Samsung VR Gear (lower resolutions to other devices via custom apps for Android and iOS).