Bibby Offshore to Use SPRINT Navigation System for ROV Operations

Bibby Offshore to Use SPRINT Navigation System for ROV Operations

Aberdeen-based subsea installation contractor Bibby Offshore has chosen to invest in two SPRINT subsea inertial navigation systems from Sonardyne International Ltd. to support ROV operations carried out by its new offshore survey business division, Bibby Remote Intervention Limited (BRIL).

Bibby Offshore will be using SPRINT to assist in a variety of inspection, repair and maintenance surveys using its deep-rated ROVs. SPRINT is an acoustically aided inertial navigation system for subsea vehicles developed by Sonardyne to extend the operational limits and efficiency of USBL and LBL positioning systems. It makes optimal use of acoustic aiding data and other sensors such as Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) and pressure sensors to improve accuracy, precision and integrity in any water depth.

Robin Longstaff, Survey Manager for Bibby Remote Intervention Ltd commented, “This purchase is part of a larger investment being made by BRIL in a suite of high-specification sensors to support ROV survey and inspection operations on our primary ROV support vessel. The Sonardyne SPRINT INS systems will be installed as standard items, thereby increasing the accuracy of all ROV positioning activities. This will provide the immediate key benefits of more efficient data processing and the continued provision of high quality deliverables to our clients.”

Commenting on the sale, Simon Goldsworthy, Sales Manager at Sonardyne said, “We’re delighted that Bibby Offshore has recognised the benefits of SPRINT and chosen it to aid its growing subsea business activities. This investment reflects Bibby Offshore’s commitment to providing innovative, value added solutions for its customers in the North Sea and further afield.”

Press Release, November 05, 2013