Photo: An illustration of the GKinetic device deployed below the surface (Image: GKInetic)

Blade pitch patent drives GKinetic closer to market

Irish tidal energy developer GKinetic Energy has been granted a European patent protection for the power generating water turbine assembly aspect of its technology.

The patent, officially granted last week, covers a key knowledge item for the device – the dual cam blade pitch control system, GKinetic said. The company is developing a range of hydrokinetic turbines for both river and tidal flows.

The technology concept consists of two vertical axis turbines placed on either side of a tear drop shaped vessel. The bluff body shape of the device accelerates the flow of water into the turbines.

The accelerated flow combined with the dual cam blade pitch control system results in higher power outputs, according to GKinetic.

Vincent Mc Cormack, Managing Director of GKinetic, said: “Securing a patent for our blade pitch system is an essential part of our business plan. It allows us to commercialise out the technology with confidence. We will use it to control the quality of the product that is put into the market.”

To remind, GKinetic’s strategic partner – DesignPro Renewables – will be proving the patented hydrokinetic technology with an upcoming deployment of a 25kW river and estuary turbine at SEENEOH test site in France.

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