Blueprint Lab Reach Bravo robotic arm on an ROV

Blueprint Lab ships first Reach Bravo robotic arms

Australian robotic arms developer Blueprint Lab has shipped the first four commercial units of its Reach Bravo advanced electric manipulators.

Courtesy: Blueprint Lab

The company designed these specifically for inspection-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Blueprint Lab rolled out the Reach Bravo robotic arm system in July this year.

These manipulators come from a single-function grabber or tilt unit up to the Bravo 7, the flagship seven-function manipulator in the Bravo range.

The Bravo 7 manipulator has a reach of close to 1 metre at full extension.

Also, with over 100Nm of torque in each joint, it can lift 10-20 kilograms depending on position.

Furthermore, the small outer diameter (<90mm) allows the manipulator to be compactly stowed onto inspection class vehicles.

The company managed to develop this next-generation manipulator by using a new, patented joint design.

This technology allows for compact drive mechanisms and minimal pressure seals, reducing the risk of leakage and protecting individual modules in the manipulator system.

To date, dexterous manipulators were only on work-class vehicles.

“Now, there is an opportunity for OEMs and service providers to re-write what inspection class vehicles can do and change up the subsea intervention and inspection landscape.”

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Seatronics also partnered with Blueprint Lab this year to supply its manipulators for the VALOR standard and elite ROV systems.

Seatronics VALOR ROV will now utilise Blueprint Lab technologies as an integrated package.