Seatronics ROV with Blueprint Lab electric manipulators

Seatronics opts for Blueprint Lab electric manipulators

Seatronics has partnered with Blueprint Lab to supply advanced electric manipulators for its VALOR standard and elite ROV systems.


Seatronics has identified opportunities for its VALOR ROV, which will now utilise Blueprint Lab technologies as an integrated package.

The Bravo 7, manipulator of choice for the VALOR, has a reach of 1 metre at full extension.

Also, with over 100Nm of torque in each joint, it can lift 10-20 kilograms depending on position.

Furthermore, the small outer diameter (<90mm), allows the manipulator to be compactly stowed onto inspection class vehicles.

Primary applications of Blueprint Lab manipulators include close visual and non-destructive Inspections, special recovery, and complex autonomous intervention trials.

Australian robotic arms developer recently rolled out its Reach Bravo electric manipulator for inspection class ROVs.

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Anders Ridley-Smith, business development manager, Blueprint Lab said:

“We wanted to push boundaries with the Reach Bravo, and so we needed to find a vehicle OEM that had a similar vision.

“We’ve found that in Seatronics and the VALOR system, and so we’re excited to see the intervention and inspection solutions that this will open up to operators.”

Furthermore, Blueprint Lab recently partnered with US-based ROV developer VideoRay.

They aim to further integrate and field Blueprint Lab’s Reach Alpha, touted as the world’s smallest, lightest, subsea manipulator system.