BN 169 Hull Arrived in Bergen, Norway

The hull of BN 169, a large and advanced offshore vessel being built for North Sea Shipping ASBN arrived in Bergen yesterday, January 23rd.

BN 169 Hull Arrived in Bergen, Norway

 The hull has been constructed at the Daewoo-yard in Romania. The vessel will be completed and delivered in July 2014.

The advanced offshore vessel has a length of 142 meters, width of 27 meters and accommodation capacity for 120 people. The ship will feature state of the art equipment that makes it attractive for use in demanding offshore work, including complex subsea operations. The ship is a ST -261 design, developed in close cooperation with the owner, the end-user and Bergen Group BMV.

The ship is equipped with an advanced DP3 positioning system and an offshore crane with a lifting capacity of 400 tons. In addition, the ship has a 50 tons offshore crane with capacity for operations down to 2500 meters. The ship will also have two advanced ROV systems that can conduct operations down to 3,000 meters.

The large construction vessel will have a working deck of around 2,000 square meters. The ship has a large carousel below deck, with storage capacity of up to 2,000 tons of cable or flex pipe. In addition, the ship is designed to mount a carousel with capacity for a further 2,000 tons of cable or tubing on the main deck.


Bergen Group, January 24, 2014