Bombora makes board changes

Bombora Wave Power has made a number of changes to its Board of Directors including the appointment of a new Chair, Richard Beresford.

Beresford is a highly experienced renewable energy and natural gas executive who specializes in commercializing new energy technologies and resources, said the Australian-based wave energy developer Bombora.

He currently holds Non-Executive Directorships at Liquified Natural Gas Limited and Eden Innovations, and has previously held Chairperson and Director roles with numerous other energy companies.

Bombora’s scaled WEC system (Photo: Bombora Wave Power)

Former Chair, Tim Croot, remains on the Board as an independent Non-Executive Director, Bombora informed.

Shawn Ryan, Non-Executive Director and Co-founder of Bombora 10 years ago, has retired from the Board. Ryan was a member of the Board for four years and served in both executive and non-executive capacities during this time.

Furthermore, Glen Ryan, Non-Executive Director, Co-founder of Bombora and inventor of the concept of the mWave, also retired from the Board this year.

Commenting on the changes, Sam Leighton, Chief Executive Officer of Bombora said: “The appointment of Richard as Chair expands the Board’s skill set with specific renewable energy financial and technical experience, which will be highly beneficial for the commercialization process of Bombora’s mWave.”

Bombora has developed a membrane style wave energy converter called an mWave.

Resting on the sea floor, similar to a fully submerged reef, it is invisible from the shoreline. As ocean waves pass over the mWave, the membrane deflects pumping air through a turbine to generate electricity.

The company is working on the development of full-scale 1.5MW wave energy converter prototype which will be deployed off Portugal.

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