mWave wave energy device under construction (Courtesy of Bombora Wave Power)

Bombora seeks contractor for final evaluation of mWave wave energy demo project

Bombora Wave Power has opened a tender for an independent final evaluation of the mWave wave energy demonstration project.

mWave wave energy device under construction (Courtesy of Bombora Wave Power)

The evaluation will be conducted in line with the Welsh European Funding Office requirements, Bombora said.

The scope of work includes reviewing the ERDF-backed mWave demonstration project against the latest version of the revised business plan to evaluate the operation and outputs of the project and performance against cross cutting themes.

The contractor will also be tasked to produce final report following the evaluation.

The deadline to apply to the tender has been set for November 9, while the estimated award date is scheduled for November 23, 2023.

To remind, Bombora launched a £17 million project to construct and test the first mWave in Wales at the end of 2017. In 2018, Bombora successfully secured a £10.3 million Welsh European Funding Office grant to support this project via the Welsh government.

With the support of local and specialist suppliers, Bombora’s team are currently designing and fabricating a full-scale 1.5MW mWave prototype in Pembrokeshire, according to the latest update from the  company.

The mWave wave energy device is comprised of a series of air-inflated concave cells covered with rubber membranes and mounted into a steel foundation structure.

The cell modules are arranged at an angle to the incoming waves to maximize energy capture. As waves pass overhead, air is squeezed out of each cell module in sequence, passing through one-way valves and into a duct system fitted with an axial turbine before being recirculated to refill each of the cell modules once the wave has passed.

The device weighs 900 tonnes, and is 75 meters long, 15 meters wide and 6 meters high

Bombora is working closely with Pembrokeshire Costal Forum, the Milford Haven Port Authority and plans to access the Marine Energy Test Area (META) in Pembrokeshire.

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