Bureau Veritas approves Wison’s floating LNG power barge

Wison Offshore & Marine said its newly-developed floating storage regasification and power generation barge has received approval in principle from Bureau Veritas.

The barge or W-FSRP integrates functions of LNG loading and storage facilities, regasification and power generation, with Wison and Bureau Veritas completing the validation for the specified design of 50MW FSRP.

“With the interest in small scale LNG-to-power growing, we are developing the building blocks for a lean and integrated supply chain. Combining LNG storage, regasification and power generation on a single facility significantly reduces the cost of infrastructure and makes small scale gas-to-power solutions more attractive,” said Maarten Spilker, senior solutions director of Wison Offshore & Marine.

Bureau Veritas provided technical assistance to Wison in order to develop the power supply solution by near shore floating facilities to end users.

The barge is designed to supply 50MW electrical power using LNG as primary fuel and MDO/HFO as backup. The FSRP will be of shallow draft barge type moored at a jetty, inter coastal or alongside river bank where the environmental condition is benign.

The unit includes an integrated onboard LNG storage, regasification facility and power plant, with a regasification capacity of 10 mmscf per day, and can be shipped and installed in remote areas.

It also has dual fuel engine and dual fuel system in case of unstable LNG supply.

Either LNG storage or MDO storage allows about 14 days operation, however, a larger hull to accommodate more MDO storage or bigger LNG tanks can be fitted if requested, Wison said.


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