Cape Sharp Tidal submits environmental report

Cape Sharp Tidal turbine (Photo: FORCE)

Cape Sharp Tidal has submitted the second quarterly Environmental Effects Monitoring Program (EEMP) report to Nova Scotia Department of Environment.

The report, filed at the beginning of July, provides an update for the second quarter of the monitoring program, which ran from February until April 2017.

Cape Sharp Tidal said the turbine continued to perform well during the Q2 commissioning period, together with the testing and data collection from the monitoring sensors.

Two hydrophones and the Gemini sonar continued to operate until the subsea cable was disconnected in preparation for turbine retrieval that started in April this year.

As in Q1 there was no communication from the video camera and one hydrophone, and the second hydrophone was intermittent, Cape Sharp Tidal noted.

“This second quarter has been focused on identifying areas where the data collection process can be refined and to develop protocols to efficiently manage, store and share that data. This has included software improvements and successful adjustments to monitoring instrument frequencies for improved data collection. Additional work has also been completed on preliminary analysis and data interpretation,” Cape Sharp Tidal said.

Also, a contingency monitoring program was developed to be implemented during times of disconnection but when the turbine remains deployed.