Illustration/CETO wave energy array (Courtesy of Carnegie Clean Energy)

Carnegie goes full steam ahead for EuropeWave project

Having formally signed EuropeWave contract, Carnegie Clean Energy’s subsidiary CETO Wave Energy Ireland has made significant progress on the development of its wave energy technology as part of the first phase of the €20 million scheme.

Illustration/CETO wave energy array (Courtesy of Carnegie Clean Energy)
Illustration/CETO wave energy array (Courtesy of Carnegie Clean Energy)
Illustration/CETO wave energy array (Courtesy of Carnegie Clean Energy)

CETO Wave Energy Ireland has now formally entered a contract under the EuropeWave Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) program, announced back in December 2021.

Carnegie Clean Energy’s Irish subsidiary was selected alongside six other companies to deliver Phase 1 of the program, after meeting rigorous selection criteria including the performance, survivability, availability and affordability characteristics of the proposed systems.

The company will be paid €291,000 to deliver required Phase 1 activities including undertaking tank testing and delivering a CETO concept design.

The newly designed device is planned for deployment at the open-water facilities of the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP) in the Basque Country and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Scotland in the Phase 3 of the project.

Having officially started on January 3, 2022, to run for seven following months, the Phase 1 of the project has already seen Carnegie make significant progress since project kick-off.

Namely, the company has already reviewed wave and geological site data from BiMEP and EMEC, and procured drivetrain and controller hardware for the tank testing of its CETO wave energy technology that will take place in Spain.

Also, the techno-economic assessments to optimize device scale have also been finalized, according to Carnegie’s CEO Jonathan Fiévez.

This is an exciting and leading global project to accelerate the adoption of wave energy technology as a major source of renewable energy. We were extremely pleased to commence the EuropeWave PCP program in January 2022 and have been making excellent progress.

“The CETO design to be delivered in Phase 1 builds on our Digital Development Pathway and aligns with our plans to progress and validate recent technical achievements. We look forward to working with our partners in 2022 to demonstrate the technical and commercial potential of our CETO technology,” said Fiévez.

CETO Wave Energy Ireland will retain ownership of the intellectual property, the results and any physical models, prototypes or other test pieces produced during the PCP, Carnegie noted.

The company will deliver Phase 1 of the PCP with the support of a team which includes its consortium partner SAITEC Offshore Technologies and subcontractors Yavin Four Consultants, DNV UK, IHCantabria and Julia F. Chozas Consulting Engineer.

Following the conclusion of Phase 1, another rigorous selection process will be conducted, with five companies out of the seven selected for Phase 2, and subsequently, three companies selected for the third and final phase of the EuropeWave project.

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