Carnegie, UWA team up for anchoring system project

Carnegie Wave, an Australian wave energy developer, will join forces with the University of Western Australia (UWA) on a project to research and develop more efficient anchoring systems for wave energy converters.

The project will use a multidisciplinary approach to investigate unique anchoring concepts, with the aim of developing novel strategies to avoid the most extreme loads and enabling optimum anchor design, Carnegie Wave’s press release reads.

The $460.000 project is partially funded by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant.

Jonathan Fiévez, Carnegie’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “The Centre for Offshore Foundations Systems at UWA has built a world class capability for developing and proving innovative anchoring solutions for offshore applications. A significant proportion of the cost equation for CETO is due to anchoring so this is an excellent opportunity to bring down costs further and faster.”

Partnering with UWA is part of Carnegie’s strategic approach to work with specialist research institutions and industry partners to develop innovations designed to be incorporated into CETO 6 and future projects which have the potential decrease costs and/or improve unit performance, according to Carnegie Wave.

Such research areas include foundations, advanced control systems and the power take off system.

Image: Carnegie Wave Energy