Carnegie’s EMC to tackle Australian energy storage market

Energy Made Clean (EMC) has signed a memorandum of understanding with TNG, and Sumimoto Electric Industries, to assess the potential applications of Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) batteries in Australia.

Under the MoU, the parties have agreed to collaborate on the promotion, development and growth of VRF market in Australia through an initial joint demonstration project of commercial size, Carnegie informed.

John Davidson, EMC’s CEO, said: “This strategic MoU represents a compelling three-way tie-up of an emerging miner, a manufacturer and an integrator to accelerate the development of a major new energy growth market.”

The main role of Carnegie Clean Energy’s fully owned subsidiary, EMC, will be to identify specific development commercial project site opportunities, in addition to designing and supplying a compatible balance of plant, likely to include a solar PV farm, to integrate with the VRF containerized system being supplied by Sumitomo, as part of a complete solar and battery demonstration project.

As reported earlier, Carnegie Clean Energy acquired the solar and battery microgrid developer EMC in October this year, as the company expands its interests across solar, battery and microgrids, in addition to wave energy sector.

The acquisition followed the award of Au$3.7 million for the Garden Island solar, battery and wave integrated microgrid project.

The project will involve the construction and installation of a 2MW solar PV array, a 2MW/0.5MWh battery energy storage system and control system both to be integrated with Carnegie’s CETO wave energy technology and existing desalination plant.