Caspian Marine set to expand fleet with Incat fast crew supplier

Australian ship designer Incat Crowther has informed that the construction of a second Incat-designed fast crew boat for Caspian Marine Services is well underway at Austal’s Western Australia shipyard.

The second 70 meters long Catamaran Crew boat is sister ship to the ‘Muslim Magomayev‘ which was developed in conjunction with the offshore marine services supplier.

Like the ‘Muslim Magomayev’, the second catamaran will hold station using dynamic positioning whilst the access system compensates for the vessel’s motion by using a control system linked to hydraulic cylinders, Incat explained.

According to the company, the second vessel will also be improved to feature the semi-SWATH hull form which will improve crew transit.

The vessel will have 275 square meters of cargo deck space, 130 ton cargo capacity and a range of 400 nautical miles.

Passengers will be accommodated on both the main deck and mid-deck, with the mid-deck featuring crew accommodation for 16.

The superstructure and hull modules were recently united at the shipyard prior to being inspected by the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the campaign trail.

According to Incat Crowther, Caspian Marine Services’ first vessel of the type, Muslim Magomayev, has recently proven itself invaluable in the Caspian area, recently rescuing more than 30 personnel from an emergency situation aboard an offshore platform in hazardous sea conditions.

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