Celsius Tankers orders 4 Gunvor-chartered LNG carriers from Samsung Heavy

Danish ship owning company Celsius Tankers has ordered a new series of LNG carriers from Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries that will be chartered to Swiss LNG trading company Gunvor.

Illustration only; Courtesy of Celsius Shipping
Celsius Tankers orders 4 Gunvor-chartered LNG carriers from Samsung Heavy
Illustration only; Courtesy of Celsius Shipping

A unit of Celsius Shipping is expanding its LNG fleet with an order for four LNG carriers from Samsung Heavy. The company says it pushes boundaries for available design improvements on any newbuild, in order to reduce environmental impact. 

The vessels’ design minimizes CO2 emissions and methane slip from operations. In addition, it will fall under Lloyds’ Register class notation EEDI-3. This means it meets IMO requirements for ships built after 2025 for 30 per cent more energy efficiency.

Moreover, Celsius recently took delivery of the fourth and last LNGC from the previous series ordered at SHI in 2018.

The vessels from the new order will be sister vessels to the first four, but will offer additional improvements including. Therefore, they will offer lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption. The new vessels will feature ME-GA propulsion.

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Charter agreement with Gunvor

The four new vessels will enter into long term time charters with Singapore-based Clearlake Shipping, a subsidiary of Gunvor.

Samsung Heavy Industries will deliver the LNG carriers during 2023 and 2024.

Jeppe Jensen, Celsius chairman, said: “We are very pleased to continue the growth of the LNG fleet and in particular to expand the relationship with Clearlake and Gunvor. Celsius Copenhagen, our first LNG carrier, delivered to Clearlake one year ago, and the relationship with Clearlake has worked in the best possible way.”

Kalpesh Patel of Gunvor LNG added: “These vessels are among the most efficient LNG carriers... We are conscious of upcoming regulatory changes, and these vessels are in-line with Gunvor Group’s commitment to cut Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 40 per cent by 2025. We have further committed to convert 100 per cent of our fleet to eco-vessels by 2027.

Gunvor imposes strict Carbon Intensity ratings in our vetting process, and these efficient vessels are critical for Gunvor as we strive to deliver physical energy to our customers with the lowest possible carbon footprint.”