Ceona Hires ‘Normand Pacific’

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Solstad Offshore ASA (SOFF) has entered into a contract with Ceona, where Ceona charter the CSV “Normand Pacific”.

Ceona Hires 'Normand Pacific'


Ceona has chartered the vessel for a period of 1 year firm with an additional 1 year option. The contract begins in April 2014.   The contract value is confidential between the parties, but in line with present market conditions for this type of vessel.

Normand Pacific represents a new generation of high technology offshore construction and Sub Sea Service ships, built for increasing demand for flexible and cost effective subsea maintenance and construction work.

The ship has an accommodation for 120 men, with all modern facilities for the crew’s comfort and safety while onboard the ship. The dynamically positioned vessel (DP 3) is built with an indoor ROV hangar, prepared for easy mobilization of client supplied WROV systems. In addition one off AHC offshore crane with capacity of lifting 200 ton SWL down to water depths of 2 000 meters is installed. A construction moon pool with size 7,2m x 7,2m is fi tted in the centre of the ship, and this is prepared for later installation of client supplied Module Handling Tower.

December 11, 2013

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