Ceona Next to Axe Jobs

SURF contractor, Ceona, has confirmed company’s plans to adjust its workforce as it tries to adjust to tough subsea market caused by the fall in oil prices.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Ceona is currently reviewing all areas of its business operations and not just Aberdeen.

The news about potential layoffs comes just about two weeks after the appointment of Mark Preece as the company’s new CEO.

Mark Preece, chief executive officer at Ceona, said: “In order to ensure that Ceona continues to operate a robust, competitiveness business against the challenging market conditions, we are reviewing our operations across all our offices. Regrettably, part of this process involves reviewing our staffing levels to better align with current market conditions.

However, Ceona did not say how many jobs will be affected and when the planned redundancies will happen.

“The process is at a very early stage and we are working very closely with our colleagues to try and reach the best outcome possible during what is extremely difficult time for everyone involved and, indeed, the subsea sector as a whole,” Preece said.

Subsea World News Staff