Chariot and partners extend collaboration on green H2 projects in Morocco

Chariot Green Hydrogen, a subsidiary of Africa-focused energy group Chariot, Oort Energy, a UK-based manufacturer of green hydrogen systems, and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) have signed new partnership agreements to extend their collaboration to test the production of green hydrogen in Morocco.

Courtesy of Chariot

To remind, the parties first entered the partnership back in November 2022.

These new agreements are said to be focused on the construction, commissioning and operating of an electrolyser pilot project as well as further development of skills and training within the sector.

According to the parties, the pilot proof of concept project will utilize a 1 MW polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyser system patented by Oort, and it is intended that the project will be hosted at UM6P’s research and development facility in OCP Jorf Lasfar, Morocco.

The companies further informed that the partnership will concurrently develop education and capacity building at UM6P to support the growth of the green hydrogen economy alongside evaluating the feasibility of the implementation of large-scale green hydrogen and ammonia production, consistent with the timetable initially envisaged.

Laurent Coche, CEO of Chariot Green Hydrogen, commented: “This partnership pools key resources as we are looking to develop our knowledge and expertise in this sector for the benefit of all involved. This endeavour is another step forward in Chariot becoming a green hydrogen producer and will be of real value to our project developments in Morocco and Mauritania as we confirm electrolyser performances.”

Mohamed Bousseta, Director of Innovate for Industry at UM6P, stated: “The signing of these two agreements is key for UM6P; indeed the first one concerns the test of a new electrolyser technology with a better performance to be more competitive in green hydrogen production and the second one concerns collaboration in education to prepare skilled people for the need of this new activity in green hydrogen and ammonia.”

Nick van Dijk, CEO of Oort, noted: “Testing the capacity of our electrolyser in an industrial setting is a crucial part of our development planning. The efficiency and durability of electrolysers will be integral in ensuring that green hydrogen can be produced economically and on a scalable basis. We are excited about this phase which will help inform our future growth strategies.”


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