China: CIC Jiangsu Shipyard Starts Sea Trials for 57.000 DWT Bulk Carrier

At 15:45 p.m., Oct. 28, 2011, the fourth 57000T bulk carrier (Hull No. CIS 57000-11) for China Shipping (H.K.) Holdings Co., Ltd. built by China Shipping Industry (CIC Jiangsu Shipyard) Co. Ltd. undocked No. 1 outfitting quay and started trial voyage.

The new ship is planned to be delivered in November this year.

Key Particulars:

length overall 199.99m,

length between perpendiculars 192.00m,

molded breadth 32.26m,

molded depth 18.00m

China Shipping Industry (CIC Jiangsu Shipyard) Co., Ltd. is located in the by-river development zone of Jiangdu City, Jiangsu Province, whose yard area is against Jia River, bordering on Yangtze River with deepwater, slow water flow and stable bank lines, owning geographical advantages, forming golden water front for shipbuilding. The entire production area covers 4,200 acres with waterfront length of 3500 meters. She is mainly engaged in manufacturing all kinds of medium and large-sized vessels, water floating devices and offshore engineering equipments.


Source: csgcic, November 2, 2011