China deploys 3.4 MW tidal energy generator off Zhoushan

A 3.4 MW tidal power generator developed by China has been installed off Zhoushan island, eastern part of the country.

The modular generator is 70 m long and 30 m wide. With the height of 20 m, it weighs around 2,500 tonnes.

According to the Chinese government, the device is expected to start producing electricity in June, 2016, with the predicted annual output of 6,000 MW/h.

“The challenge of using tidal power restricts the size of the generator. The scale is confined by the materials used to build its structure, and its ability to resist corrosion,” Lin Dong, Chief Engineer on the project, said to Xinhua News Agency.

The device can resist typhoons, and waves of up to 4 m, the Government said.

It was deployed following 6 years of research, and one year of construction and assembly operations.

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