China: Rongsheng Heavy Delivers Its First Containership

Rongsheng Heavy Delivers Its First Containership

China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Limited has delivered its first 6,500-TEU containership. The vessel, also known as the first Rongsheng-built containership, was well received by a German shipowner yesterday.

It measures 299.95 meters in length, 40 meters in breadth and 24.2 meters in depth. This latest delivery not only demonstrates a breakthrough of manufacturing capability of China Rongsheng Heavy Industries, but also marked their comprehensive strengths in research and development (“R&D”) and product diversity.

Business upgrade and R&D capability are always the development keys of shipbuilding industry. In facing ongoing challenges in the shipbuilding industry, China Rongsheng Heavy Industries keeps proactively adjusting their marketing strategy and design. On top of the success in offshore engineering, dry bulker and tanker market, RSHI also targets high-value-added containership with green design as one of our key products.

The Group has already developed several containership designs with capacity variance of 4,250-TEU, 5,100-TEU and 7,000-TEU. The Group believes the efforts in improving product diversity and design flexibility would definitely help the Group to cope with market uncertainties and to persistently implement strategic transformation in the coming future.


RSHI, December 12, 2012