China Rongsheng Heavy Officially Denies The False Report on Vale’s VLCC Orders


China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Limited officially denies the false report of “Vale declined to receive three VLOCs built by Rongsheng Heavy Industries” distributed by Jinji Cankao Bao today.For the best benefits to the shareholders, ship-owners, the Group always takes swift and necessary actions on clarifying unfounded rumors in the market.

According to the Jinji Cankao Bao’s report, “Rongsheng Heavy Industries, the second largest shipbuilder in China, has already completed three VLOCs ordered by Vale. However, these vessels have been delayed delivery from Vale because of various reasons, and they are still docking in the Rongsheng’s wharf”. Also the reports mentioned Vale only received one VLOC, which is referring to VALE CHINA from Rongsheng, and the three another VLOCs have not been delivered to Vale successfully. Jinji Cankao Bao reported, “the second and the third VLOC have been launched last year and still not to be delivered to Vale, even though the VALE DONGJIAKOU, the second VLOC,started sea trail from 27 February. Also, the completed VALE DALIAN and VALE HEBEI are still docking at Rongsheng’s wharf.”

To clarify, China Rongsheng Heavy Industries have announced the latest development on the VLOCs referring to the “China Rongsheng Heavy Industries’ Responses To The Market Concerns” statement released on 11 April 2012. The statement told, Our second VLOC was delivered to Vale and the third is on sea trial now. The fourth and the fifth were already left our dry docks and will soon be carried out for sea trials. The delivery of VLOC is intimate and smooth.”

“VALE DONGJIAKOU, which was stated out by Jinji Cankao Bao, has already delivered to Vale on 9 April 2012, and has left our wharf. This vessel is exactly the delivered VLOC which we mentioned on the statement on 11 April 2012. VALE DALIAN, another VLOC mentioned by the report, is on sea trial and which is also not docked in our wharf. The construction and delivery schedule of the remaining VLOCs are normal and under our plan, and none of them have missed the delivery schedule. Thus, we deny the report by Jinji Cankao Bao and which is inaccurate and unfounded.” stated the Group on Its website


Source: Rongsheng Heavy Industries, April 20, 2012

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