Hudong Zhonghua CMA CGM Paraty

CMA CGM’s 13K TEU LNG-powered containership hits the water

A colossal containership sporting a green livery and a prominent LNG-powered designation on its hull has hit the waters at Chinese shipbuilding major Hudong Zhonghua.

Image credit: Hudong Zhonghua

The LNG dual-fuel 13,000TEU container ship (H1841A), named CMA CGM Paraty, was built for the French CMA CGM Group. The ceremony was held on September 20, marking the launching of the company’s third ship from the series of six units.

The 13,000 TEU containerships are part of CMA CGM’s $2.3 billion dual-fuel, LNG-powered containership order from April 2021.

This dual-fuel container ship belongs to the latest generation of green, environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy-saving container vessels, the shipyard said.

The vessel boasts impressive dimensions with a total length of 336 meters and a width of 51 meters.

Equipped with a 14,000 cubic meter MARK III LNG cargo tank, CMA CGM Paraty can carry a maximum capacity of 13,200 TEUs.

One of the ship’s crowning features is its upgraded main engine, featuring the latest Intelligent Controlled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (ICER) system, which is aimed at reducing methane escape in gas mode by an estimated 50%, thereby curbing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 28%.

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The ship also features flexible container loading technology and uses energy-saving ducts, rudder balls, and other devices to improve its performance.

Hundong-Zhonghua said that the first vessel in this series has successfully completed its regular sea trials, while the construction of the second ship is progressing smoothly in the dock. Ship No. 4 has already commenced docking operations, with Ship No. 5 scheduled for docking on September 25.

In May 2023, the company cut steel for the sixth and final dual-fuel LNG-powered container ship from the batch.

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The French heavyweight returned to Chinese shipyards with a massive order worth $3.06 billion in April 2023 with a contract with the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) for the construction of 16 large container ships.

The order comprises twelve 15,000 TEU methanol dual-fuel and four 23,000 TEU LNG dual-fuel container vessels.

The deal is part of CMA CGM’s decarbonization agenda which has seen over 77 ‘green’ ships ordered over the past ten years worth $10.2 billion. These vessels are predominantly LNG-powered and “e-methane ready” vessels of which 32 are already in operation.

The company also has six bio-methanol-powered, e-methanol-ready ships that are scheduled to become available by the end of 2026.

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Subsequently, the company has been linked to an order for ten 24,000 TEU containerships with Jiangsu Yangzijiang, China, with delivery set for 2026. The containerships will be LNG dual-fuelled.

Earlier this month, CMA CGM revealed a decarbonization partnership with its Danish counterpart A.P. Moller Maersk.

The duo plans to work on developing the use of alternative greener fuels for container vessel propulsion with a focus on developing standards for the use and production of green methane and green methanol while analyzing the full lifecycle and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, the pair plans to engage in the establishment and maintenance of operational standards for green methanol vessels, particularly in the areas of safety and bunkering procedures. They also want to expedite port readiness for bunkering operations and the supply of bio/e-methanol at critical ports across the globe.

Finally, the two liner majors will join forces on R&D on other alternative fuels, like ammonia.