Coda Octopus Launch Simultaneous Analog and Digital Acquisition with DA4G™

Coda Octopus announces the launch of simultaneous analog and digital acquisition for the DA4G™ sonar acquisition platform.

DA4G Front focus stack-2

Building on the successful launch of the CodaOctopus DA4G, simultaneous seismic and side-scan sensors are supported and up to 8 sonar channels can be acquired, displayed, processed and recorded.  In addition, separate independent navigation inputs can be assigned to each sensor.

Using a powerful and easy-to-use Survey Engine® sonar data processing software allows all data to be interpreted, reported and mosaicked.

These features are included in all new DA4G™ purchases. They are also available as upgrades to existing owner of DA4G™ (term and conditions apply). The simultaneous analogue and digital acquisition upgrade allows greater integration and flexibility for the geophysical survey deployment.

The main features of DA4G™  include: Independent navigational inputs, simultaneous analog and digital sensor acquisition, 8 channel acquisition supported. It also supports various types of sonar series, from analog seismic, sub-bottom profiler to Edgetech 4100 – 4300, Klein 3000 – 5000, Benthos SIS 1000 and other series .

Press Release, February 12, 2014; Image: Coda Octopus