Costa Concordia Sponsons Installation Back on Track

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The Costa Concordia sponson installation is back on track after the recent difficulties caused by S13 sponson disequilibrium.

Costa Concordia Sponson Installation Back on Track

The S13 sponson collapsed after it lost balance due to the movement of internal water within the sponson.

According to The Parbuckling Project, the S13 sponson reached Genoa, and is currently being repaired.

The installation of the starboard side sponsons S8, S9, S10, S11 and S12 has been completed.

The total number of sponsons to be installed on the starboard side and on the port side of Concordia is 19.

CONQUEST MB1 is conducting the operations related to the installation of sponsons.


Pontoon Mak Reaches Genoa for S13 Sponson Repair

Costa Concordia Sponsons Installation Underway

Subsea World News Staff, May 23, 2014; Image: The Parbuckling Project

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