Deltares Opens New Interactive Data Research Laboratory

To address water-related issues, decision-makers and experts across the world need to access information, data and models quickly to support their strategic planning, preparedness and response activities.

The new interactive data research laboratory (iD-Lab) at Deltares officially opened yesterday to tackle this challenge.

The iD-Lab is an interactive space where users can access, combine and visualize data, models and tools from global to local levels to generate actionable information for decision-makers. The iD-Lab is at the forefront of innovative science and technology driving the development of real-time information services and tools to support disaster preparedness and operational response.

It acts as an experimental arena for scientists to test and integrate their latest models and tools for new applications. The iD-Lab also supports collaborative stakeholder sessions by using interactive decision supporting tools for the rapid visualization of information to jointly define problems and find sustainable solutions.

The iD-Lab is an important addition to the existing research facilities at Deltares (including the Delta Flume) that are used to gain more knowledge about delta issues throughout the world.


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